Thursday, January 6, 2011

Future Cosmetic Organizational System

Included is my future cosmetic organization system.  I am starting to get too much to keep in my little caboodle, so I will slowly begin the process of buying things to reorganize all my makeup.  I plan to keep all my makeup organized by brand for the most part, then keep mascaras/eyeliners/primers together because I doubt I'd be able to fill a whole drawer with them in their brand-name.

Corner Workstation : $109.00

Acrylic Organizer Tower - $24.69 {probably 1-2 of them} {keep the drawers organized by brand, one brand in one drawer unless i don't have a lot of the brand then more in a drawer}

3-Canister Acrylic Box - $10.00 {for q-tips, cotton balls, and the remover pads}

Various acrylic trays

$4.99 {probably about 6 of them}{eyeliners, mascaras, ect}

$11.99 { probably 2-3 of them}

Cosmetic Stax - $10.44 {eyeliners, mascaras, ect}

24-Lipstick Acrylic Organizer - $6.50 {probably about 5 of them}

Acrylic Three Tier Spice Organizer - $9.49 {probably 2-3} {for nailpolishes}

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